To create a community of partners against cancer, dedicated to improving the quality of care at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

About The Team

Wheels of Justice is a team of partners, made up of friends, families, colleagues and patients. Our team was founded in 2005 by Heather Purcell-Leja and Aaron Bradford. These founders wanted to get a group of lawyers together to “do something good.” In our inaugural year we shocked ourselves raising over $100,000, we knew we had something special here. We decided to commit all our efforts to the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) and from there we really transitioned to a team led by heart.

We have gone from a 90% lawyer’s team to a melting pot of people dedicated to fighting pediatric cancer and blood disorders. To this day we are lucky enough to still have about 50 lawyers or legal professionals both ride and sponsor us. Another 50 of our riders are CCBD employees who not only give the amazing care we are fighting for, but are committed to joining the team and fundraising with us. The remaining 100-125 riders that make up the majority of the team are patients, family members, friends, and community members who believe in the team.

In 2022, we will have raised over $5,000,000!!!! Only about 25% of this money has come from corporate sponsorship. The other remaining funds have been raised by individual riders, making the ask and telling their stories. We care about each and every dollar and know the power of many, many donations. We couldn’t do it without the people that make up this team.

We thank you for visiting our page. Please join our team, make a donation, spread the word, every little bit helps.


Amber Dunlap


Medication and Supplies
  • Provide life-saving prescription medications and supplies for a patient who does not have adequate pharmacy benefits.
  • Support a young investigator to work on a promising research project to develop new treatments for childhood blood diseases and cancers.
  • Support nursing research grants to help generate new care methods for patients.
  • Support two fellows to attend major medical research conferences and advanced their learning.
  • Fund a visiting professor research symposium.
  • Support a bio bank to allow us to study patient’s cells and crack the genetic code for new diseases.
Education and Therapy
  • Support the Creative Arts Therapy program by funding supplies and activities for one year.
  • Fund a teacher to be able to dedicate time to CCBD patients in the hospital, allowing them to give close attention to children who cannot attend school otherwise.
Family Support
  • Fund a family traveling from outside the state to receive treatment at Children’s Colorado on a clinical trial not available elsewhere.
  • Pay for a sibling activity day that gives families a break from being patients and allows them to have fun and be together.