We ride in the Children’s Hospital Courage Classic in honor of Jared Carlos Lujan, the ultimate Google Eyed Warrior who was truly courageous in his battle with cancer.  His battle ended in victory on April 4, 2006 when he went home to be in the presence of Our Lord and Savior.   To honor his life, his battle, his spirit, and the hospital that made such a difference during this battle, Jared’s Google Eyed Warrior Team began many years ago.

Each day I miss him and wonder how tall he would be or which college he would be attending or would he be working in his first real job?  Then, I think how much cancer sucks and what it takes from this world!

It makes me motivated to raise as much money as I can to help stop child-hood cancer! All my donations will go to the Colorado Children’s Hospital Oncology Center who researches how to stop childhood cancer as well as treats and supports Colorado families battling cancer!  

-Rick Lujan


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