2016 Delaney Goodner

Delaney soared on December 9, 2011. During her 3 1/2 year battle, the doctors, nurses, and staff at Children’s became part of our family. They loved and supported Delaney and did everything possible to cure her. Even in the final months, they looked to Delaney for direction and when she said fight, they never stopped. And we never lost hope. Our team is “Kick Cancer’s Ass”. I hope the name doesn’t offend you as there is a special story behind the name.

In Fall of 2008, when Delaney was in the early stages of her treatment I ran across the Carepage of a young man in Wyoming who was being treated at Children’s. He didn’t have Rhabdo (Delaney’s cancer) but at first they thought he did. I could tell from his postings that he was a wonderful young man and from a wonderful family. During one of Delaney’s stays in the hospital we ended up next door to this young man and I was fortunate to meet his awesome, strong mother. Before he passed he told his mom to have Delaney, Kick Cancer’s Butt. When I mentioned it to my son and friend, they recommended a slight change.

I am reminded of Delaney whenever I ride through Vail. When Delaney was about 3 or 4, we were camping and she climbed to a top of a big rock and held out her arms and yelled,  I’m at the top of the world! When I get to the top of Vail, I always take time for a special moment with my girl as we are at the Top Of The World together. 

-Amy Goodner

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