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Donated a total of $50,000 in 5 years!


Aaron Bradford founded the Wheels of Justice with Heather Leja in 2004.  Mr. Bradford has served as the team’s fund raising chair and has personally raised over $500,000 from corporate sponsors and individual sponsors through his efforts for Colorado Children’s Hospital and Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders.   Mr. Bradford started BRADFORD, LTD in May of 2016 and made it a priority to remain a top sponsor of the team as a Solo Practitioner.  The reasons are simple: “Denver must be the leader in Pediatric Oncologic Care.  With a new diagnosis of cancer or blood disorders happening daily, it is critical that we be the best.  I have been beyond impressed with the level of care, compassion, intelligence and vigor that the team at CCBD throw at this defeating cancer.  Their passion has become our passion.”  Since BRADFORD co-founded the team in 2004, substantial advancements in oncologic care and, importantly, survival rates have been achieved at CCBD.  Supporting primary oncologic research and advances in the compassionate deliver of care is essential and Wheels of Justice provides a direct avenue to achieve past and future successes.

Personally, Mr. Bradford has watched the care providers at CCBD at work and has observed how they approach the family unit when the news of a diagnosis is delivered to a family.  They not only attack the disease, they support the mental health and well being of all those in the family impacted by the diagnosis.  Cancer does not just ravage the body – it ravages the soul of those diagnosed along with the family members by their side.  Through the direct support of Wheels of Justice, CCBD was able to launch an sustain an best in class mental health and wellness program that, I believe, to be essential to any oncologic program. 

BRADFORD’s support for Wheels of Justice is unwavering and growing.  In 2019, BRADFORD has donated over $30,000 to the team and its infrastructure.  We want to see this concept expand and ensure that the team always raises over $400,000 for Colorado Children’s.  It is our goal to see the team raising as much as $1 m annual through partnerships and expanded messaging.  The problem is not regional, so the effort should not be limited to the Rockies.  We have to be bigger than cancer to beat it.

BRADFORD has been a lead sponsor of the Wheels of Justice since 2004.  We are forever committed. BRADFORD is grateful for the many sponsors that have joined us in this battle.  To the summit!

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