Shelly Hunter with Hunter and Geist:

How did you learn about WOJ?   I had heard about Wheels of Justice in the past but really just in passing.  My first formal introduction was when Michael Lopez from LSI invited me to his LSI Annual Gala. After hearing the stories and meeting some of the riders and people involved,  I knew Hunter + Geist needed to be part of the Wheels of Justice.

How many years have you sponsored?  This is Hunter + Geist’s fourth year sponsoring Wheels of Justice.

Do you (or anyone in your company) ride or attend the Courage Classic? Dan Phillips from our office will be riding the Courage Classic this year.

Tell us about your company? Specifically What does your company do? Hunter + Geist, Inc., provides attorneys and paralegals with state-of-the-art litigation and deposition services, which includes case management, court reporting, legal videography, videoconferencing, and web conferencing services.  

Tell us anything about the culture, and mission of your company that helped make your decision to sponsor Wheels of Justice? Hunter + Geist, Inc., has a mission to always give back. The reason Wheels of Justice is so meaningful to our organization is threefold: One, we want to make a difference in the lives of families with sick children; two, Shelly Hunter’s daughter was a pediatric ICU nurse and now works as a nurse in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (this is to honor all of the dedicated people that take care of those sick children); and, three, Shelly volunteered at Children’s Hospital holding a baby who was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and the family needed friends to be at the hospital with Jackson “The Warrior” when they could not be there. During my time of volunteering, it hit me right smack in the face how a family’s life is affected when their child is in the hospital.  We all need to do our part.

How can our riders support your business as a thank you for your support?  If any of the riders schedule court reporters for their depositions or trials, we would simply ask them to please consider Hunter + Geist for their court reporting needs.

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