July 9th Newsletter

SIX CASES OF WHEELS OF JUSTICE APPAREL WILL MAIL OUT TODAY!!! Thank you to all of you intense fundraisers who have already met or exceeded your goals!

If you haven’t reached your fundraising goal, it will be in Copper waiting for you to do just that! We will have a table at registration for all Wheels riders to check in and grab their stuff. If you didn’t order apparel and/or were not registered by 5/5, we may not have anything available for you. We do try and order a little extra, so come by and we will see what we can get for you.

We are also going to offer to collect/give away any gear that you may not use anymore. If you have something in great condition that isn’t the right size or you don’t get use out of, please bring it up. We will offer it up for free to anyone in need!

Important Dates

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