April 28th Newsletter


141 Registered Riders

$110,918 Raised YTD

We had a fabulous Kick-Off Party at Porcelanosa last night, and are delighted to have the team off to the races. Our fundraising goal for 2023 is $500,000 in an incredibly generous gift to get us started, the #ForeverMarthaStrong fund is going to match May donations. For every rider who raises at least $500 in the month of May, we will match $500-$1,000 on your individual rider page. Up to $100,000!!! So, if we can raise $100,000 in May we will be at over $300,000 and more than halfway to our goal 6 weeks before the #CourageClassic!!

We are incredibly thankful and in awe of the generosity of the families and friends of our team. We have the real power to force change in the world!

As was highlighted by our patient speaker, Jordan Davis, last night. Jordan 27 years old today, was told that he would likely not live passed 5 years old. He was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease as a child and his prognosis was not good. Through a lifetime of treatment and trials and finally transplants, Jordan is thriving today. Inspired by his provider, Brandon Nuechterlein, and his commitment to curing cancer. Jordan is now graduating from nursing school next month, aiming to get into treatment and ultimately curing sickle cell in his lifetime. Jordan was an inspiration to us all last night and a real beacon of hope to those undergoing some of the very life threatening conversations he experienced himself.

I hope everyone woke up invigorated to fight these cancers and blood diseases as I did today.

Thank you,


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April 30th is the final day to order our Free Apparel, available to all riders willing to commit to fundraising minimums. As a reminder the commitment levels are:

  • $500 Fundraisers will receive a free t-shirt and short sleeve jersey

  • $1,000 Fundraisers add Shorts or Bibs to the Above

  • $2,500 Fundraisers add Raincoats to the Above

This is fantastic gear provided by Primal Wear and due to the size of our order is about an 8-week lead time. All orders will be placed on 5/1/2023.

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