May 10th Newsletter


161 Registered Riders

$151,339 Raised YTD

Great first week of May, team!!! In case you missed it, all May donations are going to be matched!

For every rider who raises at least $500 in the month of May, we will match $500-$1,000 on your individual rider page. Up to $100,000!!! So, if we can raise $100,000 in May we will be at over $350,000 and more than halfway to our goal 6 weeks before the #CourageClassic!!

We are in full-blown training and fundraising mode for the next 2 months, as the Courage Classic is now less than 10 weeks away! We offer training rides every weekend from now until the event with a big concert and party hosted by Earth Angel the weekend before, tickets here.

We have over 30 first year riders on the team, and this message is for you, our training rides are no-drop rides. We will stay with you at whatever pace and distance you feel you can ride. We are here to coach and develop you, but the Courage Classic is a ride, not a race. We want you to feel comfortable and we often have options for shorter distance or turn back plans, etc. No rider is left behind!

I also wanted to shout-out our Partner Teams and the integral part they make to Wheels of Justice and sustainability. Setting a $500,000 goal is extremely challenging and year after year we have achieved it. This is not in any small part due to meeting new people and new families and bringing them into the Wheels Team. If you know someone who might want to ride but wants to honor their family, we encourage that. Some partner teams join Wheels from the get-go, others stay a separate team and merge in August. We love you equally!

To name a few:

  • Kick Cancer’s Ass

  • Roaring Forks Riders

  • Climb For Coop

  • Team Koby

  • Jared’s Google Eyed Warriors

  • Forever Martha Strong

  • The H Team

  • Butterfly Bikers

  • The WillStrong Foundation

  • Fynn’s Fighters

  • The Nuechterlein Clan

Thank you to our Sponsors!

$100,000 Team Diamond Sponsor

$25,000 Team Summit Sponsors

$10,000 Team Peak Sponsors

$5,000 Team Elevation Sponsors

Team Supporting Local Businesses