May 24th Newsletter

Final week of $100,000 Match


209 Registered Riders

$197,761 Raised YTD

We are just about 7 weeks away from the 2-day Courage Classic, and we have 7 days left of our incredible $100,000 match. We are currently $37,788.59 away from receiving that full match! I know we can do it. I know how you like milestones and Ned likes all things related to math… So, we have 209 riders, each of you needs to raise $181 this week to make sure we get the full $100,000!!! Don’t delay, ask today!!!!

For every rider who raises at least $500 in the month of May, we will match $500-$1,000 on your individual rider page. Up to $100,000!!! So, if we can raise $100,000 in May we will be at over $350,000 and more than halfway to our goal 6 weeks before the #CourageClassic!!

We also, want to acknowledge that plans change, sometimes you set out to ride in the Courage Classic and you are no longer able to for one reason or another. The rider registration fees pay for the support of each rider and if you do not ride they will credit the team that money if we tell them in advance. So, if you should be a virtual rider instead, please do let me know and we can update it! It also is a huge help to the events team to ensure that the right amount of volunteers and support are on the course. Thank you!

Happy Fundraising & Happy Training,


Sign-up to Volunteer Friday 7/14 in Copper
4 people standing with jerseys and t-shirts for sale at a table

We are looking for Volunteers to work our Merchandise Table Friday night in Copper. As you can see by the above very old picture, Ben, Brad & I have been doing it many years. We were so grateful for the support last year and are looking for 4 groups of people to work 90 minutes each to break it up. Please call me or email me for details, or sign-up here!

Sponsor Highlight – #WillStrong

Our Mission at The WillStrong Cancer Foundation

The WillStrong Cancer Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support for research to bring more precise and effective treatments to children and young adults diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and other high-risk leukemia.

Will Maniatis, for whom the foundation is named, lost his 14-month battle with AML in February, 2020. His family not only cared for Will but worked to identify treatments that might help save him from this devastating disease. Along the way, they became painfully aware of the lack of research for high-risk leukemia and the lack of options for younger patients diagnosed with AML and other hard-to-treat blood cancers.

WillStrong will work to fill the funding gaps that impact the scope and pace of much-needed research. Our vision is to help shift the landscape for those diagnosed with AML and other high-risk leukemia so they can not only SURVIVE their diagnosis but THRIVE!

In loving memory of our son and brother, William Maniatis. 2004-2020

Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength.


Thank you to our Sponsors!

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