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Thank you for the huge 31 day fundraising push, I loved reading everyone’s emails and social media posts. As we close out our $100,000 match today, we will have a little administration to process and then we will get your matches added to your individual rider page. It’s been incredible to see all this early season fundraising and will be super helpful 4 weeks from now when this year’s gear shows up.

As a reminder, apparel will ship out the first week of July to everyone who has reached their fundraising commitments. If you have not reached your commitment we will hold your gear back and distribute it in Copper when you should be closer to your “first goal”!

The Courage Classic is 45 days out, now seems as good a time as any to start training. The training rides are daunting and challenging by design, but all our rides are no drop rides. Come join us, there is no shame in turning back, but if you’re committed, we’re committed and we will stick with you until the end. The Courage Classic is a ride, not a race, our training mirrors those sentiments. This is my 11th Courage Classic and I still climb about 4mph, we all ride our own ride and as long as you keep pedaling you will get there! Visit www.wheelsofjustice.com/events to see the full training calendar. Happy Trails.

Thank you, Martha

#ForeverMarthaStrong…. What more can I say? The Martha Strong fund has donated over $1.5M to cancer research and in search for a cure for #ewingssarcoma.

Martha battled this disease for 7 years, and despite every clinical trial and every new plan she took on, she passed 4/5/2022. Martha will change the world of pediatric cancer, because of how she and her family lived, she knew her fight was for herself and for all. We were unable to cure Ewing Sarcoma in time for Martha, but we hope it will soon be very treatable and manageable for others.

Martha rode in the #CourageClassic for all seven years, training in the hospital room, carrying chemo in a Fanny pack or camelbak.

Martha, you are very loved. Today is the last day to claim the $100,000 matching grant from the Martha Riedel fund. Thank you, #foreverMARTHAstrong.

For more info, google Martha’s Better Ewing Sarcoma Treatment (BEST) Grant for All

Sign-up to Volunteer Friday 7/14 in Copper

We are looking for Volunteers to work our Merchandise Table Friday night in Copper., Brad & I have been doing it many years. We were so grateful for the support last year and are looking for 4 groups of people to work 90 minutes each to break it up. Please call me or email me for details, or sign-up here!

Thank you to our Sponsors!

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