June 21st Newsletter

We are $12,999 away from $6M!! $155,000 away from our 2023 goal of $500,000

June 21st Newsletter


212 Registered Riders

$345,618.99 Raised YTD

We are $12,999 away from $6M!!

$155,000 away from our 2023 goal of $500,000

Happy Newsletter Wednesday! I cannot believe how close we are to $6,000,000, this is the time of year I panic. As I reflect upon the dedication of the caregivers and staff, I hold onto the unwavering belief that the Wheels of Justice will deliver and generate $500,000, ensuring the continuity of these vital programs. To keep the staff on the 7th floor researching and caring for the wellness of the over 300 new patients each year. Each time I talk to a parent about their child’s fight, I am reminded that they NEVER GAVE UP. They didn’t have a choice. It’s quite the mantra to carry along in my head, both in the time dedicated to this cause and the climbs that Julie and Amy talk me into riding. Cancer treatment sucks, the cure can be more painful than the disease. Zero parts of it are fun, but we have to try and do everything we can so they can live another day, month, year, lifetime.

I often joke that the Nuechterleins celebrate everything, we commemorate every moment. We really do though, 25 years later, it is not lost on us how lucky we are. Father’s Day is just another example of how filled with gratitude we are. Thanks to the incredible, risky and overall not really tested treatment that Brandon received in 1998 he’s a father today. He gets to have normal problems and live an otherwise normal life (I mean as normal as he will ever be….), but he gets to be a dad. His two little boys exist because Children’s saved his life.

Many families on our team know far too well what it means to miss those moments. The healthiest way for them to cope is to be grateful for the time and moments they did have with their kiddos. They are relentless in their fight for the future, and the end to this horrible disease and life-taker of children. I am awestruck by their strength and commitment, and openness. Our bond is one people would not choose or seek out, but I am grateful to know and love each of the families that make up Wheels. It’s for them that I know we have to and will raise $500,000 again in 2023. And to keep us all honest, here are some names of these Wheels Warrior Parents:



Angela & Rick

David, Emily and “Mimi” (Kim)

Kevin & Colleen

Melanie & Salomon and a shout out to Micah

Amy & Scott


Ned & Margaret


So, please, send out another round of texts/emails/posts/door to door knockings, because $10 - 15,500 times will get us there!



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