Courage Classic Week

July 10th, 2023


219 Registered Riders

$402,991 Raised YTD

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Everything you need to know!!

This is still not a bike race, it’s a tour, it’s an event, it’s a holiday. Don’t fly through it, stop and enjoy the wildflowers. Make a new friend, or hey make a life long friend. In 19 years of our team at the Courage Classic we have at least 2 Wheels of Justice marriages! Who knows, you might find your soul mate, lol. But seriously, if the ride isn’t challenging for you, encourage the person you pass who may be having a harder time, cheer and rally those fighting like hell to be here.

If you are a top fundraiser, or just someone looking for a tow, keep your eye out for Nick Buckley. He is sporting a Shotgun Bike Tow rope and offering to pull people up climbs. I think this is a super good perfect idea! (Chase’s favorite phrase for a day)

I also want to make mention, that I left my mom out of my story last week. While she inspires me to ride, it’s not because of her ride, it’s because of her. Let me tell you a little about my mom, Prisana Nuechterlein. I cannot imagine someone better to have in your corner, for she is one hell of a fighter and champion. She advocated for Brandon in a way that literally no one else on earth could have.

She took every crappy hand we were dealt and found a way to win.

I think one of the ugliest things we rarely talk about is the cost of your kid having cancer. The financial cost. This isn’t something that in 1998 much less today, your health insurance said “oh a Bone Marrow Transplant, absolutely no big deal”. No, to get through the actual treatment of your child you have to kick and scream with your insurance, financial aid, fundraisers, and every other avenue to make sure money isn’t why your kid isn’t treated. We were flat broke, we did not live in the United States and our definition of value was much different, however we were not well off financially. We lived on a tropical island that was pure magic and life was rich, but we were not. My parents have gone through hell and back, like many of you, somehow they found their way through.

Today the four of us, who are now the eight of us, are fiercely close. None of this would be true if it wasn’t for our Mama Bear, and my best friend. Thanks, mom!

Xoxo, Amber

Friday – 7/14

Friday – Traffic will be thick, I encourage you to leave Denver as early as you possibly can. I leave Thursday 🙂

Our Wheels volunteers will be at Check-in (Upper level of the conference center) from 4-8pm ish, if you miss us, you will have the opportunity to collect gear on Saturday at the Team Party. Details below.

If you have unused gear that you would like to exchange please bring it up. If you have USED gear you would like to find a new home or are in need of, we will have a FREE BIN at our Team Table too.

Join us for a free beer outside at downhill duke’s during happy hour!

Saturday – 7/15

Group Rideouts –

We are a team of 220+ riders, participating in all courses and it’s hard to rally us all. But, if you want to start the ride in a group please join at the starting line for group departures.

80 Mile Riders

6:10am & 6:30am

40 Mile Riders

8:10 am & 8:30 am

Family Riders


As you finish try to gather at before entering Center Village so you can come through the finish in a pack and tell the volunteers your team so you can be announced! Whether that is Wheels of Justice or a partner team name, it’s free speech!!!

Have fun and be safe out there, we will see you in East Village for our Team Party at 4:30pm. Please bring your jersey or t-shirt for the photo!

Sunday 7/16

Sunday starts in the dark and downhill, full fingered gloves and warmer attire is recommended. For anyone doing Loveland, please stay on the time schedule so that you are protected up that super duper climb!

Group start times

Loveland Pass


Keystone Loop

8:10 am & 8:30 am departure

Family Riders


Lunch on Sunday in Center Village – we hope to gather up after and that you don’t rush home. If you must, thank you so much for riding, fundraising and being a part of this Wheels Family. We could not do it without you!!!!

Upcoming Events

Team Party –  Saturday 7/15

Our 19th Annual Team Celebration will be held in the Grand Hall of East Village (At Copper Station above JJ’s) from 4:30-6:30pm. We tried every possibility to get the party in Center Village, there is not a space large enough to hold us. There is a shuttle over to East Village, or of course you can walk/ride your bike.

Snacks and beverages will be provided, we encourage you to make separate dinner plans.

Please wear your jersey or Wheels T-shirt for the Team Photo at 6pm at Copper Station.

34th annual Courage Classic bicycle tour coming up in July

Thank you to our Sponsors!

$100,000 Team Diamond Sponsor

$25,000 Team Summit Sponsors

$10,000 Team Peak Sponsors

$5,000 Team Elevation Sponsors

Team Supporting Local Businesses