July 26th Newsletter


251 Registered Riders

$501,979 Raised YTD

Thank you, I cannot bestow enough gratitude on each and every one of you. We are 250 riders strong, and we just broke half a million dollars again this year!!! This is incredible and you should all be very proud. For the next 5 weeks, or until the money runs out, we have $39,239.27 to match your fundraising efforts. No donation is too small, everyone who raises post-event money will be matched! #ForeverMarthaStrong

NINETEEN YEARS – so many thoughts, so many lives, what an impact. We have raised $6.1M for the Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders. Each of you has contributed to care, research and support for the nearly 6,000 patients CCBD has treated in that time.

I continue to hear Nathan Dahl, MD’s voice in my head. What we have raised is amazing, but that money is spent, and our ongoing efforts provide much needed starter money for so many different treatments. Specifically, funding fellows and research development, we are the seeds to their mighty trees. Click here to see the DIPG Clinical trial starting in September. To read more about all the advancements and trials at Children’s Hospital Colorado, click here.

Many of you have reached out over the past few weeks about apparel in one way or another. If you did not get something and want to see what we have left, or would like to buy something you may not have reached a fundraising minimum to receive, please reach out. I have single items left in a smattering of sizes and would love to get them to good homes. My goal is to send them all out next week if possible. If you fundraised way more than you thought you would and are hopeful for extra items, let me know that too!

Thank you, talk to you soon!


Upcoming Events

Saturday August 19th at 6 p.m. | Foxfield, CO

Earth Angel Charities is at it again! After a hugely successful concert on July 8th, we’d like to announce that our third Earth Angel Fest is August 19th!  Continuing the tradition, this event benefits Children’s Hospital Colorado – Wheels of Justice and Rock By The Sea and will be an amazing night of music featuring 8 artists. 

Several of our incredible Wings I and II musicians will perform songs they created for our albums and you’ll see the devotion they have for children’s causes.  The online proceeds from the Wings I and II albums benefit Children’s Hospital Colorado. 


If you LOVE music and you LOVE helping children, this is the event for you!  Visit our website  https://earthangelcharities.com  for more information or click here to purchase tickets! Earth Angel Fest Tickets

Thank you to our Sponsors!

$100,000 Team Diamond Sponsor

$25,000 Team Summit Sponsors

$10,000 Team Peak Sponsors

$5,000 Team Elevation Sponsors

Team Supporting Local Businesses