CLIMB FOR COOP is made up of parents, siblings, friends and loved ones of children who have bravely fought cancer, and we are here to celebrate life in their honor. CLIMB FOR COOP celebrates Cooper Deming, who died of a DIPG brain tumor at the age of 12, and other kids from our Northwest Denver community — Madeline, Ivy and Judah.

Three years ago, Cooper was a super-healthy, super-active 6th grader. After soccer tryouts and on the way to play a baseball game, he experienced double vision. That led to a long journey of doctor’s visits, tests, MRIs, and more until we determined he had a brain tumor. Cooper’s brain tumor was a DIPG — the “worst of the worst.”

There is no cure for this tumor, and treatment only extends life for a few months. After 11 months, we lost our sweet, brave boy. Cooper never had a chance to throw out a pitch for his high school baseball team, have a first kiss, or to help his younger brother and sister navigate middle school.

Research on children’s brain tumors is grossly underfunded. Only 4 percent of the National Cancer Institute’s research budget is allocated to pediatric cancers of any kind, on any part of the body. Research for brain tumors gets just a fraction of that funding. And Cooper’s tumor, DIPG, gets just a sliver of that. However, researchers at Children’s Hospital Colorado are making progress, and are developing potential new treatments, several of which have gone to clinical trials.

Please support CLIMB FOR COOP so other families don’t have to hear “Your child has a brain tumor, and there’s nothing we can do.”

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