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The Courage Classic has gone virtual this year due to COVID-19. Over July 18-19, 2020 we are asking you to participate in an activity of your choice and post your photos to #WheelsofJustice.
Two ways you can participate in the Virtual 2020 Courage Classic:
 1. Bike on your own, indoors or outdoors, or participate in any physical activity.
  • Ride in your neighborhood, on your trainer or even on your Peloton! Go for a hike, run, walk, swim, rollerblade, any physical activity. Invite the family, ride with kids, bring a neighbor – just enjoy the beautiful day! And hey, 5 miles counts!
  • Wear your Wheels of Justice jersey from any year, snap that photo and post to social media! #WheelsofJustice
  • Join #Primal’s Virtual Spin Class (Details to come).
2. Ride as a Team
  • Join us for any portion of the Copper Triangle. Some hard core humans are dedicated to riding an unsupported 80 mile loop and would love to have you pedal along side for a bit. You can decide what point you want to meet us and how far you want to ride. Wear your favorite #WheelsofJustice jersey. If you are interested, please send us a comment.



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