2022 Cooper Deming

Three years ago, Cooper was a super-healthy, super-active 6th grader. After soccer tryouts and on the way to play a baseball game, he experienced double vision. That led to a long journey of doctor’s visits, tests, MRIs, and more until we determined he had a brain tumor. Cooper’s brain tumor was a DIPG — the “worst of the worst.”

There is no cure for this tumor, and treatment only extends life for a few months. After 11 months, we lost our sweet, brave boy. Cooper never had a chance to throw out a pitch for his high school baseball team, have a first kiss, or to help his younger brother and sister navigate middle school.

More info at Climb for Coop

2019 Nathan Gehris

Nathan will not be the last child to face a life-threatening illness, and my family will not be the last to navigate a frightening cancer diagnosis. My 20th Courage Classic is both a personal challenge and an opportunity to support positive outcomes for kids and families who need Children’s Colorado. 

-Bernie Gehris

From “The Face of an Angel” by Raven

I will hold on to my love
And my passions with grace
And when I lose grip
I will picture your face

The face of an angel
That came to my side
To brighten my heart
And made the darkness subside

2018 Fynn Cox

On December 19, 2016  a week after his brain biopsy, Fynn was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor known as DIPG.  This stands for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma.  Effectively a stage 4, incurable cancer with the lowest survival rate of all pediatric cancers.  DIPG affects 2-300 kids each year and has a 5 year survival rate of <1%.  The median overall survival of kids diagnosed with DIPG is approximately 9 months with radiation and 4 to 6 months without.  

I, and my family and friends are riding the Courage Classic and for Wheels of Justice in particular because they raise funds that go directly to the CCBD (Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders) at Children’s Hospital.  The CCBD has been instrumental in helping our family cope with the devastating news we received.  They have offered support and information crucial in helping us put the pieces of our lives back together and forging a path forward. Without their care and support we would be lost.   In fact, the clinic has a Fellow on staff who is working on brain tissue collected from Fynn’s biopsy in December.  We have hope that the Children’s CCBD, partnered with other clinics across the world will someday find a cure for DIPG and all of the devastating cancers that take our children away from us much too soon.   

2017 Jared Lujan

Jared Carlos Lujan, the ultimate Google Eyed Warrior was truly courageous in the his battle with his cancer.  His battle ended in victory on April 4, 2006 when went home to be in the presence of Our Lord and Savior.   To honor his life, his battle, his spirit, and the hospital that made such a difference during this battle, we setup Jared’s Google Eyed Warrior Team ten years ago to ride in the Courage Classic.  My family found such a wonderful resource in the hospital when there are very limited resources.  It is vital that those who are impacted by such awful diseases have such a great resource to help them in the new struggle they may be facing.  Children’s Hospital Colorado helps makes sense of a senseless situation, and we will always help raise money so the efforts of the entire staff of the hospital can be felt by those who need them most.  

2016 Delaney Goodner

Delaney soared on December 9, 2011. During her 3 1/2 year battle, the doctors, nurses, and staff at Children’s became part of our family. They loved and supported Delaney and did everything possible to cure her. Even in the final months, they looked to Delaney for direction and when she said fight, they never stopped. And we never lost hope. Our team is “Kick Cancer’s Ass”. I hope the name doesn’t offend you as there is a special story behind the name.

In Fall of 2008, when Delaney was in the early stages of her treatment I ran across the Carepage of a young man in Wyoming who was being treated at Children’s. He didn’t have Rhabdo (Delaney’s cancer) but at first they thought he did. I could tell from his postings that he was a wonderful young man and from a wonderful family. During one of Delaney’s stays in the hospital we ended up next door to this young man and I was fortunate to meet his awesome, strong mother. Before he passed he told his mom to have Delaney, Kick Cancer’s Butt. When I mentioned it to my son and friend, they recommended a slight change.

2015 Hazel Sievers

Hazel Anne would have been 8 years old on April 9, 2019. She lost her battle with Ependymoma at the age of 3 years and 4 months. BUT she lived a very full life and impacted many people for the better with her spirit and love.